Uploading and Sharing

  1. Upload a file, specify your bitcoin wallet address and the price (either in BTC or in USD).
  2. You'll be redirected to the management page. Save the address of this page to monitor statistics and to be able to delete the file.
  3. On the management page you'll see the download link. Share this link with potential buyers.
  4. You'll receive up to 95% of purchase amount based on network fees and load.

Buying and Downloading

  1. On the download page you'll see file name, size and price.
  2. Press Buy, you'll be redirected to the order page.
  3. Order page will generate unique Bitcoin address for your purchase. Send the exact amount of BTC to the address specified on that page.
  4. Once CryptoFileShare processess your payment, the download link will be available.
  5. Reload the page to get the download link and be able to download the file.